DT Web Solutions & Integration is available to create your web based projects. Striving to always deliver exactly the needs of the client, you will never be told that your vision is not possible. The web is an area of inifinite possibilities, and ideas can become realities.

Dave Thomas is a qualified web software developer. He has completed the Applied Software Development (ASD), Applied Web Development, and Web Application Software Development at BCIT's school of computing. Dave has the skills and knowledge required to complete any number of complicated web based tasks.

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas
10th December, 2011

Services he can provide for you:

  • PHP, Java, ASP.net, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Flash Programming
  • CMS Site Integration
  • Database Admin/Management
  • PDF/Excel/Word file Auto-Generation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Forum Integration and Setup
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Web Design
  • Wordpress, Yii, jQuery
  • RSS Feeds, XML, WebServices